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"Falling off Cliffs? Been There, Done That"
Right now after a few days of just walking around and camping out, we came across a large mountain and Koji came up with the theory of climbing it to try and get a better view of the area we were in to see if we could find the Forest Terminal.
And that was what we were doing right now, climbing up a mountain, Koji being in the lead with me following him and Koichi bringing up the rear as we went.
"How much further is it to the top?" the Warrior of Darkness panted.
"I can't even see the top." I said as I briefly looked up and tried not to wince as my stomach started hurting from not getting anything to eat for the past three days that we had been here.
"Just hang on. We'll get there soon." Koji said.
We kept going until we came to this part that we could walk on, you know, if we clung to the mountain and carefully slid our feet along the path.
As we went, we soon heard yelling and looked up, confused as we saw a cliff jutting out a few feet above us.
"What is that?" Koichi asked.
"It sounds like someone in trouble." I said when I heard the female voices cry out again, sounding desperate and scared.
Koji got this determined look on his face as he began climbing up the rest of the way to the cliff, not even waiting on us.
I groaned in annoyance at that and then looked over to the kinder of the twins.
"Koichi, I like your brother, really, but there are times I wanna slam his damn head into a wall." I said making him laugh nervously and sweat drop at my words.
Just then, we heard yelling and looked up to see that Koji was then being thrown off the ledge by some sort of gnome looking digimon.
I felt fear and worry for him build up in my chest and as soon as he was close enough, I grabbed his hand to try and stop the fall, but I then started falling, so Koichi grabbed me, like the domino effect thing that Ken had once explained to me, and all three of us were now air born, falling off the mountain.
We all screamed and held onto each other's hands as we fell, refusing to let go at all as we fell and I was hoping that we would get lucky and land in something soft or in a river so we don't die.
Please, let us live!
My mom will kill me if she finds out I went to the Digital World without telling anyone without V-Mon and got myself along with two other boys killed!
I think Azulongmon was being generous because instead of hard, sandy ground, we landed in a large pile of what looked like hay and were completely unharmed.
"Oh, great. It's raining human children." I heard someone mutter.
The twins and I looked around the pile of hay we were on and I picked off some of the yellow plant that was in my hair.
"What are these guys?" Koji asked.
I looked down and saw these snail looking digimon that I had never seen before, but they did look pretty familiar to the very first digimon I had seen on my first day in the Digital World.
"They kinda look like Numemon." I said.
"Correction, my dear. We are KaratsukiNumemon. Are just what are you human children doing here in our harvest?" this one KarartsukiNumemon asked and I deadpanned when I saw that he had a mustache that was made from his light green skin.
"We're sorry, we didn't mean to interrupt you." Koichi apologized with a look that made me think of a kicked puppy and it made Koji go into the role of protective brother, even though I was told that the Warrior of Light was the younger of the twins.
"It wasn't our fault we were thrown off by some over grown lawn gnome. Give us a break." He yelled down to them.
"Over grown lawn gnome?" one of the Karatsukis asked.
"Yeah, he's this digimon that has a really big nose from what I saw of him before we were all falling to our doom." I said.
The Karatsukis all gasped at that.
"You mean Grumblemon?" another Karatsuki asked.
"Children, we must ask you a favour." The Karatsuki with the mustache said with a grim, yet pleading look.
"Can we get down from here first?" Koji asked.
"Yes, of course." The one I assumed was the elder or leader nodded and Koji slid down first, followed soon after by Koichi.
I slid down last, and was surprised when instead of landing on my feet; Koji wound up catching me in his arms and then settled me down on my feet properly.
"Um, thanks." I said unsure of why he had done that.
"Yeah." He said looking away and I was sure I had seen his cheeks were pink and Koichi was silently laughing at us.
"So what was this favour you guys were talking about?" Koji asked the Karatsukis.
"You see, Grumblemon came here a few days ago, demanding we give him our mountain's Fractal Code, but we have no idea where it is." The leader said.
"But even if we did, we would never give it to him. The mountain is our home." Another Karatsuki said.
"We'd have nowhere else to live." Another said sadly.
"We would fight Grumblemon ourselves, but I'm afraid we are docile creatures and are not made for violence." The leader said with his head bent shamefully.
"Mr. KaratsukiNumemon, no disrespect sir, but what does this have to do with us?" Koichi asked and I was then reminded of Cody because of the polite speech he had used.
I really miss the little genius and felt my heart clench from homesickness as I thought about whether my friends and family noticed I was missing and if they were doing anything about it.
"When we still hadn't complied to Grumblemon's demands, he stole our women and locked them away somewhere." The leader said making Koichi and I gasp when Koji had a look of realization in his eyes.
"I've seen them." The longer haired twin said making the male Karatsukis gasp and look at him hopefully.
"I was in the cave where the women were caged and was trying to rescue them, but then Grumblemon snuck up behind me and threw me off." Koji said.
"Then would you please help us? We'll give you whatever you want." The leader pleaded.
"Hey, whoa! Hold up there, pal. You don't need to go to that kind of trouble. We'll be happy to do it." I said holding my hands up with a grin making them all smile hopefully at me.
"It wouldn't be right if we simply left when we know we can help you." Koichi said backing me up.
"I'll do it, but only because I'm not too thrilled about that fact that this creep is holding the women hostage." Koji said.
"Thank the angels, we have our heroes!" the leader said as the Karatsukis all began crying tears of joy.
(Later on…)
The twins and I were in the leader's house that was on the mountain.
And it literally was on the mountain, it was built on it, only sideways because they were snails and didn't have any trouble with gravity, unlike us.
Some of the Karatsukis had left to go look for more heroes to come help us save the women and we had gotten word that they had found some others and were coming back with them soon.
The twins were just sitting around waiting for the others to get here, the Warrior of Darkness sitting on the floor since the chairs were sort of glued to the walls, the Warrior of Light was playing around with a stick that was really a broom that he had taken the broom part off of and I was looking at the beds in wonder.
I mean, come on.
They were on the walls and the sheets were staying on like they were on the floor, how can you not stare at that?
We were all interrupted by the sound of someone climbing up the ladder to the house and Koji gestured for Koichi and I to hide behind him, so we both did as he said as he raised the stick he held, getting ready to attack whoever it was that was coming.
The door was then opened and a familiar goggle clad head popped in with a big smile on his face.
"Yes!" he cheered, but then yelped in pain as Koji accidentally brought the stick down and hit him on the head.
I laughed at that as Takuya looked at us in confusion.
"Huh? You guys are here?" he asked us.
"You're the people these guys found to help out?" Koji asked in disbelief as Zoe, JP, Tommy, Bokomon and Neemon all poked their heads in and looked at us.
"Hey, look, Koji, Daisuke and Koichi are here." Zoe pointed out.
"Yeah, none of us could find food either." Takuya said.
"Were you guys kicked out of a restaurant for not having the right kind of money?" I asked sympathizing since we came across something similar with Digitamamon.
Good thing Michael and Mimi arrived when they did to sort it all out before Yolei lost her patience and attacked the hard boiled guy, who actually turned out to be OK in the end.
"How'd you know?" JP asked.
"Meh." I said with a shrug making him sweat drop.
"Hey, don't lump us in with you guys!" Koji said feeling insulted since we had willingly volunteered without being offered free food.
"These kids aren't going to be able to help at all." Koji said to the Karatsukis.
"I'll help you right upside the head!" Takuya growled at him and I then started to notice that this guy was like a combination of Taichi-sempai and me.
"Well, at least give us a chance." Tommy said.
"Thanks, but no thanks, I mean look at you, the only thing you guys'll do is get in my way. Can I help it if you're not up to our level?" Koji said nonchalantly making me slap my forehead.
Wow. Where had that come from?
Now he's starting to sound just a wee bit like the Emperor with that pride of his.
"Watch it, stick boy, or I'll-"Takuya was cut off by the leader of the KaratsukiNumemon.
"Gentlemen, please, my thanks to all of you for coming to help, and now it's time to eat." The leader said.
"All right, time to chow down!" Takuya and the others cheered.
They then all fell in the house in a dog-pile, crying out in shock and pain.
"Well, at least we'll have some yummy food to make the pain feel better." JP moaned.
Koji and I groaned in annoyance and Koichi shook his head in amusement.
This was gonna be a long day.
Our two groups were sitting away from each other, everyone digging into these weird brown colored cabbages that tasted nothing like veggies, but it turns out Takuya got asparagus, making everyone exclaim in disgust.
I picked up one of the heads of cabbage and took a hesitant bite and felt my eyes widen in surprise when the taste of it tingled over my tongue.
"Mm, yummy, beef ramen!" I exclaimed happily as I continued to eat my food.
"Wow, you must really love ramen." Koichi said as he calmly ate his food.
"Yep. I'm planning on opening my own ramen stand when I grow up." I said proudly making Koji stop eating and give me a puzzled look.
"Are you serious?" he asked.
"Yeah, why not? I can cook them pretty well, I love cooking them and eating them, so why not do something I love as a job?" I asked.
The twins both seemed to think over what I had said before Koichi broke out into an encouraging smile and Koji shrugged, going back to eating.
"Sounds great, Daisuke." Koichi said.
"Call me Dai. It's less of a mouthful." I said.
"All right then, Dai." The elder twin said.
"Does that include us?" Takuya asked from his side of the room with his group.
I looked over at them and smiled.
"Sure." I said making them smile.
Soon, we all finished eating and gathered around a map of the mountain and Koji pointed out where the women were being held.
"Grumblemon has the captives in a cave. It's right about…here. We'll have to get in and out quickly." He said as the KaratsukiNumemons all made sad sounds.
"Just relax." JP said making them all sigh with bright smiles.
"Have no fear; leave everything to us, Legendary Warriors!" JP said making the digimon all freak and back away from us like we were the plague.
The hell was up with that?
"What's the matter?" Zoe asked.
"You mean all of you…are Legendary Warriors?" the leader asked.
"Uh, no. I'm a Digidestind. I cannot turn into a digimon. Sadly." I muttered the last part making Koichi smile at me and pat my shoulder as I pouted.
"Well, aside from the Miracle Child, the rest of us, you bet! In the flesh." Takuya said and I gave him a look as the Karatsukis huddled up and started whispering to each other about who knows what.
"Dude, what was up with that?" I asked.
"Bokomon said you're the child of miracles, so…" he finished with a shrug.
"Because that's my Crest, my Virtue, my power. I use the power to make V-Mon Golden armour digivolve to Magnamon." I said.
"So basically you and the other kids just stood by and acted like cheerleaders while these digimon did all the work." Takuya stated getting me annoyed.
"Hey, our digimon wouldn't be able to digivolve without us. We're bonded together. We also have DNA partners, which is when two Digidestinds are able to fuse their digimon together to create one new powerful one." I said.
"And I care why?" Takuya asked and I swear I was very close to just killing him.
"Because, you moron, I was able to feel the power. I felt Ken's heart beat in time with mine, as if they were one and it was the same as when Lady XV-Mon and Stingmon DNA digivolved into Paildramon. This power connected us and it's what we used to save the world plenty of times. The Crests are our powers that we give to our partners. They come from us. If we die, our digimon become useless and die along with us. Are you getting this through that thick skull of yours, or are the lame goggles cutting off the circulation to your brain?" I snapped at him making him fume as Koji seemed to be giving me an impressed look, one that Yamato-sempai would give me.
Takuya and I were glaring at each other and I swear I could feel flames burning from both of us, like Flamedramon's power was flowing through me and Agunimon's was flowing through him.
"All right, time for bed." The leader said breaking us up.
"And I say it's time for us to rescue the girls!" Takuya said standing up.
"Uh, no, no. Get some rest first. And then you can tackle the job in the morning." The leader said with a nervous smile and I got a very bad vibe from him.
"Uh, OK." Takuya said making me slap my forehead at how dumb he was to not even question himself.
God, was I ever this bad?
All of us kids then gathered around each other on the floor, me sleeping between Koji and Tommy, the little boy cuddling up to me and clinging to my teal top.
I smiled sweetly at him, not used to having a little kid act this way around me since I'm not that good with kids and would freak out if someone entrusted me with their care.
I swear, this kid could melt your heart with how sweet and innocent he looks right now.
I let myself forget about how the Karatsukis were acting and just sleep now, even though I had a feeling something bad was going to happen.
(Later on that night…)
I was woken up from my sleep when I heard everyone yelling and opened my eyes and was unimpressed to see that I was tied up, dangling over a cliff.
"Seriously? This has so been done before! Can't the bad guys come up with something more original?" I asked making everyone look at me in disbelief.
"What are you talkin' about?" JP asked in hysteria.
"Oh, please. This isn't the first time I woke up and found myself tied to a cliff. I'm really bored right now." I sighed making Koichi chuckle nervously as Koji shook his head at that.
"What are you doing?" Koji growled up at the Karatsukis who were above us, the leader holding a sickle.
"We'll give you back to your partner in exchange for our women." The leader said.
"You dirty sneaks! Is that why you brought us here?" Takuya asked with a glare up at them.
"Hm. I think it is you who are the dirty sneaks. Pretending to be caring, helpful strangers, even when you're really Legendary Warriors." The leader said.
Didn't I tell them before that I wasn't a Warrior?
Damn idiots.
"I don't understand. What's wrong with that?" Zoe yelled up to them.
"The time for your games and lies are over. Soon you'll be back with your ally." The leader said.
"What do you mean by that? What ally?" Koichi asked.
"Don't play dumb! We know you're all in league with Grumblemon!" the leader said making us all gasp in shock.
Let me rephrase my earlier thought; fucking idiots!
They're fucking idiots if they even believe that!
"This can't get any worse." Takuya said making me turn my duplicate of the Ishida Death Glare on him.
The mountain side beside us all exploded as something started laughing from behind the smoke and debris.
"Now give Fractal Code, or bad things be happen." A gruff voice said with terrible grammar.
"Oh yeah? Says who?" Takuya asked making my glare intensify.
"Hey, Zoe, can you do me a favour?" I asked the blonde girl.
"What?" she asked.
"Kick Goggle Head, I'm too far away to do it myself." I said.
"Hey! Why kick me?" he asked.
"Because ya lame brained incompetent jerk, he's gonna show us who he is now and we're gonna be screwed. So, thanks for that." I snapped.
"Be me and you see me too when you know who I am. You call me Grumblemon!" the evil digimon said when he showed himself making everyone yell.
"Hey, look at that symbol." Zoe said.
"He's also a…Legendary Warrior?" Takuya asked.
"Give Fractal Code…or else!" Grumblemon growled.
"You want not see what or else is." He said and I started missing the digimon Emperor, at least he was easier to understand and didn't annoy me…just pissed me off.
"I didn't realize there were bad Legendary Warriors." Bokomon said.
"Why for human yo-yos?" Grumblemon asked.
"Because they are stupid." I said with a bright smile, spite clear in my tone that could have frozen Hell over.
"Grumblemon, if you want to save your allies, give us back our women now!" the leader demanded.
"Those knives are very close there!" JP said.
"What so? Me no care what happen to weak human things." Grumblemon said.
The Karatsukis brought their sickles closer to our ropes, making us all freak out and yell at them to stop as Grumblemon just stood there scratching his nose.
"Wait, you mean you really don't care about them? But they're Legendary Warriors too!" the leader said shocked.
"These weaklings be Legendary Warriors?" Grumblemon gasped.
"For the last freaking time you freakin' morons, I am not a Legendary Warrior! I'm a Digidestind, Chosen of Courage, Friendship and Miracles! How many times to I have to say this so you guys get it through your thick skulls?! Lord!" I grumbled slamming my foot against the mountain behind me.
Everyone gave me a shocked look at my outburst, except for the evil Warrior who didn't even pay me any mind, probably because he doesn't have one.
"Me think somebody got their hand son some Spirits and took them when they shouldn't have! Now I put my hands on you and take them all right back!" Grumblemon said making everyone freak out and struggle to get free as I just continued to fume.
"Dai, can you please throw a fit latter? We're kinda in a situation here." Koichi said.
"So…!" Grumblemon said as he pulled out a large hammer from nowhere and slammed it against the mountain, making some of the Karatsukis drop their sickles and they cut my and Koji's ropes, making us both fall.
Geez, this is the second time today!
Koji pulled out his D-tector and was covered in data.
"Execute: Spirit Evolution!"
The Warrior of Light grabbed hold of me, holding me in his arms and then jumped back up to where one of the houses were and set me down in it.
"Stay here, you can't fight so you're better off hiding." He said before he took off and got into a fight with Grumblemon.
I watched as the Karatsukis freed the others and they all Spirit Evolved and went off to help Lobomon and I just tried to untie the ropes that bound me.
I just shimmied my body out of the hold and then kicked the rope away as I went to the window and watched as the fight wasn't going too well since the Warrior of Light wasn't working with anyone except Lowemon.
I saw a small polar bear dressed in a green helmet, boots, vest and back pack was going up to the cave to help Kazemon free the women and knew that that was Tommy.
I then looked over to see Agunimon was fighting alongside a large humanoid blue and yellow beetle, concluding that he was JP.
The guys finally seemed to get the upper hand when it started raining, but it all ended when during the fight, the mountain's Fractal Code was revealed and so was this totem thing that Grumblemon called a Beast Spirit.
He took it and Slide Evolved to Gigasmon, getting even bigger and uglier than he already was and started knocking the tar out of everyone one.
He then destroyed the house I was in and I jumped away from the damaged wall and the house started falling down the mountain.
"Dai!" I heard Agunimon yell.
I screamed as I fell, but soon stopped when I was caught by Kazemon.
"I got cha!" she said with a smile.
"Zoe, you are my most favorite person in the entire world right now. And please don't tell V-Mon or Ken I said that." I said as she giggled and then set me down onto the ice statue that was Tommy's Spirit power with Agunimon and Lobomon.
Gigasmon then stole the Fractal Code and the mountain began disappearing, making all of us fall down into the darkness bellow us and I couldn't help but notice that we were all being separated from each other.
I pulled out my D-3, staring at it with a determined face, hoping that a miracle would soon happen and we would be safe and unharmed until we met up again.
To be continued…
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