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“The Return of Thomas: The new Goggle Head and Lone Wolf”

This is the complete version of the chapter. Please enjoy and review!

A few days later, Daisy had been given her new uniform to wear while she worked for DATS and the girl was annoyed that she had to wear one since she felt it was too short and too tight.

She was just grateful that she wasn’t being forced into wearing a skirt since she would have thrown it straight in Sampson’s face, stating that she wasn’t going to run around chasing after Digimon in something that wasn’t practical.

If she did do that, she was sure Marcus would laugh at it while the three girls would be shocked by her attitude.

Standing in front of her mirror that stood in her bedroom, Daisy took in the sight of the uniform she had just changed into.

On her feet were a pair of white knee high boots and she wore a pair of amethyst colored shorts, a black tube top (which was from her closet) and a short sleeved amethyst colored jacket with white markings on it.

“I’d like to know who designed these things.” Daisy frowned at her reflection.

Veemon and Salamon, who had both been silently watching her while munching on their breakfast, swallowed their food and turned their full attention onto their partner.

“It’s not that bad, Daisy.” Veemon told her.

“Yeah. I think it looks nice on you.” Salamon grinned.

Grabbing an elastic band, Daisy tied up the back of her hair into a ponytail before grabbing her black choker that had a gold locket with a pink crescent moon on it and tied it around her neck.

Deciding that she appeared respectable enough, Daisy grabbed her cellphone, D-3, D-Terminal and Data Link and shoved them into the pockets that she had on her uniform, thankful that she had plenty of them.

“I feel like I should just start carrying around a purse from now on with the amount of gadgets I now have.” Daisy commented.

“Great idea. Maybe Salamon can become one of those purse dogs.” Veemon suggested.

“What’s a purse dog?” Salamon asked.

“It’s a dog that’s small enough to be carried around in a purse.” Veemon explained.

Rolling her eyes in amusement, Daisy bent down and scooped up the two Digimon, grunting at the weight, but was fine once she settled them in a way that would be easier for her to carry them.

“Mom, we’re heading out now! We’ll see you tonight!” Daisy called as she made her way to the front door.

“Okay, have fun at work!” Katrina called from the kitchen where she was drinking her coffee and reading the paper.

Even though Katrina wasn’t thrilled that her daughter would be getting involved in something dangerous once again, she knew for a fact that she wouldn’t be able to talk her out of it.

Both of her daughters were quite pig headed and didn’t seem to like to listen to reason and would argue their points relentlessly until someone began to understand their reasoning behind their opinions.

It was moments like those that Katrina felt like her daughters should consider getting involved in politics, but she knew her girls hated anything that involved dealing with politicians and she couldn’t fault them for it.

Stepping outside, Daisy breathed in the scent of the morning air and smiled a she felt the sun shining down on her, making her hair sparkle.

“It’s such a nice day out.” Salamon grinned as she stretched in Daisy’s arms.

Swinging himself onto his partner’s back, Veemon clung to her shoulders and she walked off down the street, making her way to the building.

“It’s nice and warm. Hopefully it’ll stay like that. We don’t want to get rained on. That wouldn’t be a problem if we had a car. Hey, Daisy, why don’t you have a car? Aren’t you old enough to have one?” Veemon questioned.

“Veemon, we’ve been over this. Car’s cost a lot of money and so does gas.” Daisy said.

“But we might need one. What if you’re late getting somewhere?” Veemon asked.

“Then you can just Digivolve into Raidramon and get us there in no time.” Daisy smirked.

Thinking it over, Veemon shrugged at that.

When she mentioned her Armor Digi Eggs, it made Daisy start thinking about something.

“Hey, Salamon, do you think you can Armor Digivolve, too?” Daisy asked the puppy who was curled up in her arms and taking in the sights.

Blinking her eyes and snapping out of her sight seeing, Salamon glanced up at her partner who was staring down at her curiously.

“I don’t know. I don’t even know what I’ll Digivolve into next.” Salamon said.

“Right. I keep forgetting that you were only born a few days ago. I wonder if we can test it out though. I wonder what you could turn into with the Digi Eggs of Courage, Friendship and Miracles.” Daisy mused.

Humming thoughtfully, Veemon stared up at the sky as he tried to imagine a taller version of Salamon with a womanly figure dressed in Flamedramon and Magnamon’s armor.

He also managed to think up a wolf version of Salamon wearing Raidramon’s armor.

Looking confused by the idea of Armor Digivolution, Salamon turned her attention back onto the town as she saw various people just waking up and making their way to work.

She noticed that quite a few humans were slurping down a beverage that she learned was called coffee.

Daisy had informed her that Veemon was banned from ever drinking coffee because it made him extremely hyper and he got horribly sick afterwards.

The DigiDestined of Miracles had then told Salamon very sternly to never drink coffee because there was a large possibility it would make her sick as well.

Salamon had asked if coffee made humans sick as well and Daisy had become thoughtful, stating that perhaps a few humans could get sick from drinking too much coffee since it wasn’t meant to be drank in large quantities, but people did it anyway.

When Salamon asked why people would drink something that would make them sick, Daisy had shrugged and said that people were very stubborn and didn’t care if something made them sick if they liked it.

The conversation didn’t satiate Salamon’s curiosity and she kept pondering over the strangeness that was humans.

Suddenly, the trio were broken out of their inner monologues by the sound of the D-3 going off.

Pulling it off her belt, Daisy looked it over to find a flashing dot.

“It looks like a Digimon just appeared. Let’s go after it.” Daisy said.

“How do we stop it?” Veemon asked.

“I’m not sure. We’ll figure it out when we see what level and type it is. My best bet though, Salamon should use her bark to paralyze it and we go in for an attack.” Daisy informed.

“Okay.” Salamon nodded in determination.

Using the D-3 to track the Digimon, the trio found a floating fireball with hands, blue eyes and a stitched mouth setting the flowers outside of a flouriest shop on fire.

“It’s a DemiMeramon.” Veemon said.

“An In-Training level. This might be easy. We just have to be careful with this. These guys can be tricky.” Daisy told them.

Unknown to the trio, a teenager with blond hair and blue eyes dressed in a dark blue DATS uniform walked up behind them with a blue and white dog Digimon that wore red boxing gloves and a matching bandana with gold eyes.

The two males were curious over what would happen and stood back to observe.

“So, what’s the plan, Daisy?” Salamon asked.

“First, we need to put the fire out before it spreads.” Daisy said.

Eyes roaming around, Daisy spotted a hose that was attached to a building and rushing over to it, turning it on.

“Salamon, howl!” She called.

Startled by the voice, DemiMeramon glanced over and was about to attack the two Rookies he saw, but Salamon opened her mouth and released and powerful bark that made the In-Training freeze as he was unable to move.

Daisy pointed the hose at the flowers and sprayed them, putting out the fire before it spread to the rest of the shop and hit DemiMeramon with the water too.

Gagging as he was hit by the water, DemiMeramon felt his energy drain and was unable to light up a spark of flame which made him worry as he realized what was going to happen next.

Veemon and Salamon then jumped up and together, they punched DemiMeramon, making him cry out as he exploded into data, transforming into a Digi Egg.

Once the flames were out, Daisy turned off the hose while Veemon picked up the Digi Egg and walked over to the girl with Salamon.

“Good job, guys. Let’s get this back to DATS.” Daisy said as she accepted the egg.

“How are you going to get all of us to DATS without someone seeing us?” Veemon asked.

“Perhaps I can help you with that.” Someone spoke.

Gasping in surprise, the trio turned to find a blond boy and Digimon standing behind them, startling Salamon who hid behind Daisy’s legs.

“You work for DATS?” Daisy asked recognizing the uniform.

“I don’t remember seeing them before.” Salamon commented.

“Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Thomas Norstein and this is my partner Gaomon. We’ve recently been on a mission out of Japan and have just returned. The commander told me that two new members have joined and insisted that I meet both of them.” He said.

Eyes roving over the blond boy, Daisy was unsure if she could trust him or how she should feel about him.

But they were meant to be teammates and they work for the same side, so she should just give him the benefit of the doubt for the time being.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Daisy Motomiya and these are my partners Veemon and Salamon.” She introduced.

“Hello.” Salamon greeted shyly.

“How’s it going?” Veemon held his hand out to Gaomon.

Staring at the hand for a few seconds, Gaomon reached out and shook it politely.

“Come on. I have a car waiting to take us back to DATS.” Thomas said as he pointed to the corner.

“Good. We should get out of here before someone sees the Digimon.” Daisy said.

Veemon and Salamon jumped up onto Daisy’s shoulders and clung to her as the girl followed after Thomas to get into the fancy black car.

Thomas opened the door and stood to the side, gesturing for Daisy to go inside.

“Ladies first.” He smiled politely.

“Thanks.” Daisy said giving him an odd look.

She had never met anyone his age who actually said or did things like this.

Being mindful of the Digi Egg in her arms, Daisy climbed inside of the car and sat down by the window, watching as Salamon and Veemon curled up around her feet.

Thomas climbed in next along with Gaomon and he closed the door behind him before he spoke to the driver.

“Take us to headquarters.” He requested.

“Yes, Master Thomas.” The driver nodded.

“Master Thomas?” Daisy questioned.

“Does DATS have some perks we don’t know about yet?” Veemon asked.

“No, I have my own driver.” Thomas said as he leaned back in his seat.

He pulled out a mini computer and was working on something which Daisy decided to leave him to that and stared out the window, watching as the scenery went by.

It was silent in the car and it made Daisy feel awkward, but she kept her attention on the window and felt comforted by her partners nestled together around her feet.

When they finally arrived at DATS, the raspberry haired teen was thrilled and unbuckled her seatbelt but was stunned once again when she found Thomas standing outside of her door and was opening it for her.

“Thanks.” Daisy said as she took Thomas’ offered hand and he helped her out while Veemon and Salamon jumped out after her.

“Thanks for the ride, Mister!” Veemon waved at the driver.

“Of course, sir.” The old man smiled kindly.

The group then walked into the building and made their way to the room where the rest of their teammates were gathered.

Thomas opened the door for Daisy and she gave him a small smile before she walked through the door, making her way inside and catching the attention of everyone.

“Daisy, wonderful timing. I see you secured the Digi Egg.” Sampson commented.

“Yeah, it was pretty easy. Then again, it was an In-Training level Digimon.” Daisy said as she gently set the Digi Egg down in front of Sampson who smiled.

“It also helped that she came up with a plan on how to defeat it with ease.” Thomas said as he walked to stand beside the girl.

He then turned his attention onto Sampson who seemed to be smiling at the sight of Daisy and Thomas together.

“Mission complete. Digimon secured.” Thomas reported.

“Hey. Who are you, blondie?” Marcus called.

“Thomas is back!” Miki and Megumi squealed.

The two women then rushed over to Thomas, pushing Daisy out of the way while Marcus glared in jealousy at the attention the other boy was getting.

“When did you get in?” Miki asked.

“This is such a pleasant surprise!” Megumi gushed.

Salamon was staring at the two women in shock at how they were gushing over Thomas, confused by the situation.

“Here’s another lesson for you, Salamon. Those two are called fan girls. Stay far away from them. They’re crazy and dangerous and they suck the life out of everything.” Veemon told her.

“Oh, really?” Salamon turned worried eyes onto him.

“Veemon, don’t tell her that!” Daisy scolded as she bent down to scoop up Salamon.

“But that’s what Jun said!” Veemon said.

“She seems to have forgotten that she was once Matt’s fan girl, which I don’t understand since he’s not that great of a singer.” Daisy stated.

“Don’t let Matt hear you say that.” Veemon smirked.

“Does this look like the face of someone who cares?” Daisy gestured at her bored face.

Veemon snickered at that as Yoshino walked over to join them in their conversation.

Megumi and Miki were still gushing over Thomas as they welcomed him back and Marcus was coughing into his hand, trying to get their attention.

Spotting Gaomon, Agumon smiled at him hoping for another friend to play with.

Veemon shook his head at what was happening around him and turned his attention back onto the two pink haired girls while Lalamon hovered above him.

“Daisy, I see you’ve met Thomas. What do you think of him?” The magenta haired girl asked.

“Too soon to tell. Haven’t known him long enough to form a proper opinion.” Daisy told her.

“Don’t worry if it takes a while. Thomas isn’t very easy to get along with. He’s not very good at communicating with people, but he is polite and can be nice if he likes or respects you.” Yoshino assured.

“Good to know.” Daisy said.

Turning her attention back onto the boy in blue, Daisy watched him as she noticed he seemed indifferent to the attention he was receiving while Marcus was jealous.

Veemon, Salamon and Lalamon were gathered together as they spoke while Agumon tried to greet Gaomon.

“Hi there, pal.” Agumon smiled.

Gaomon made a grunting noise and passed by him which made Agumon frown in displeasure at being ignored.

“No birthday present for that guy.” Agumon huffed.

“What does he mean by that?” Salamon asked.

“I never know what Agumon is talking about.” Veemon shrugged.

Growling in annoyance, Marcus marched over to where Thomas was standing and slammed his fist down on the table to get some attention.

The way Marcus was behaving reminded Daisy of the way she used to act when she was 11 years old and was insecure because Kari and Tai Kamiya had abandoned her for other people.

“Hey you! When we talk, you listen. Well? Wanna start something?” Marcus demanded.

Thomas walked past him and Daisy shook her head at the way Marcus was behaving, wondering if his alpha male ego was feeling threatened.

“Commander Sampson, sir. Thomas H. Nortsein. I arrived today from DATS Austria, ready to report for duty.” The blond saluted.

“It’s good to have you here.” Sampson nodded as he sat down.

“I spent most of my flight reading your most recent reports. It seems there have been an unusually large number of Digimon appearances lately.” Thomas commented.

“He’s so on top of things!” Megumi gushed.

“He so is!” Miki squealed.

Marcus coughed to get their attention while Daisy glared at the two girls, being reminded of Yolei Inoue when she was 12 years old and was obsessing over Ken, Michael and Willis.

It was honestly sad to see two adult women behaving this way over a teenager.

“Hmm. So, do you think these numbers can eventually overwhelm the Data Squad?” Sampson asked.

“No, but of course that all depends on having the right team in place.” Thomas said as Marcus walked up behind him and started coughing.

“Is he getting sick?” Salamon asked as Daisy who simply sighed at the scene gong on.

“Yeah. Sick for attention.” Veemon muttered as he crossed his arms.

“Oh, go ahead and introduce yourself, Marcus.” Sampson told the brunette.

“Say what? Why doesn’t he introduce himself to me? I’m the one with seniority, even if it’s only three days. Who does he think he is anyway? Look, kid, Agumon and I are the top fighters around here, so don’t forget it!” Marcus snapped.

“You are completely out of line. Marcus, Thomas is your superior. Deal.” Sampson stated.

Shocked by this, Marcus glanced at the blond who was unamused by the loud mouthed brunette.

“Marcus, Thomas was part of the Japanese division until six months ago. Working to control Digimon and assisting in the invention of transfer devices.” Yoshino explained.

“Work what? I didn’t understand that.” Veemon commented.

“It’s science stuff we don’t understand.” Daisy shrugged not wanting to waste her time on trying to decipher what Yoshino had said.

“We were having production problems, but Thomas discovered the flaw in the operating system within an hour.” Yoshino continued on.

“But… You mean I have to take orders from him?” Marcus asked in disbelief.

“Suck it up, bub.” Daisy said making him glare at her.

“It’s no surprise. Thomas graduated from the Stockholm Royal University of Science when he was only 13. He’s genius!” Megumi praised.

“Genius?” Marcus exclaimed.

“That’s just the beginning. He’s also a part of a prominent noble family in Austria. A real life Prince Charming.” Miki sighed.

The two women started squealing and gushing once again which made Daisy consider grabbing the tea pot and pouring the contents on them.

“You’re joking. A prince?” Daisy raised a skeptic brow.

“I thought princes were only real in fairy tales.” Salamon said looking confused.

“Nope. They exist in real life, too. They’re just not as exciting.” Veemon shrugged.

“As for Thomas’ partner Gaomon, his abilities in battle are unmatched against all of the Digimon partners at DATS.” Kudamon said.

Agumon and Veemon were both insulted by this.

“They are easily the best team we have.” Kudamon concluded.

“Oh, yeah?” Agumon questioned.

“Unlike some teams, they have got discipline.” Sampson said making Marcus pout.

“Commander, please allow me to say a few words about the new recruits.” Thomas spoke up.

Everyone snapped their attention onto Thomas, curious of what he was about to say.

“From what I’ve seen from Daisy and her two partners, I believe they can benefit us greatly. They have discipline, they don’t charge in without a plan and are able to work together flawlessly.” Thomas reported.

Veemon and Salamon were beaming at this, but Daisy kept her expression neutral.

She had a feeling that something bad was going to happen.

“As for Marcus, based on my first impression, I feel he could never benefit DATS in any way.” Thomas said.

“Take that back!” Marcus yelled feeling insulted.

“You see? I recommend he be dismissed at once.” Thomas said coldly.

“Say that to my face. Look me in the eye if you have the guts!” Marcus yelled.

“Very well. You and your partner are not suited to serve here at DATS.” Thomas told him.

“Thomas!” Yoshino exclaimed.

Rolling her eyes at the fight she knew was about to break out, Daisy turned and started walking out of the room as Marcus prepared to punch Thomas and Agumon cheered him on.

“Daisy, where are you going?” Sampson demanded.

“I know where this is going and I ain’t sticking around to watch these idiots punch each other around. If we’re not needed for anything important, then we’re gone.” Daisy stated.

“Very well.” Sampson sighed.

He knew that he couldn’t force the girl to do things she didn’t want and he couldn’t fault her for wanting to avoid watching her two teammates argue with each other like children.

Veemon jumped up onto his partner’s shoulders and held on as she walked off to the nearest café to get breakfast while Yoshino watched.

“Commander is it all right if I go with her?” Yoshino requested.

“That might be a good idea. The two of you should stick together in case a new Digimon appears.” Commander Sampson said.

Nodding at that, Yoshino and Lalamon left the room, groaning in disbelief as she noticed Marcus had tried to punch Thomas, only for the blond to catch his fist.

She wasn’t going to stick around and watch this mess go on as well.

“Daisy wait up!” Yoshino called.

“Hey, Yoshi, what’s up?” Daisy asked as she waited for the magenta haired girl to catch up.

“I thought the two of us could hang out together. We haven’t really gotten a chance to get to know each other since you joined up.” Yoshino smiled.

“Sure. I know this cute café that I always go to with my sister when she comes down from university. Come on.” Daisy gestured with her head.

Lalamon floated around Veemon’s head making him smile up at the plant Digimon.

“Sounds nice.” Yoshino said.

The two dark pink haired girls walked off to the café to sit down and talk, leaving Miki and Megumi to deal with Thomas and Marcus behaving like idiots.

Arriving at the café, Yoshino and Lalamon looked around in awe at the golden brown interior and the pastel colors that decorated the area.

The air was scented by coffee, teas and all kinds of desserts that had been baked and Daisy led them inside, making her way over to a booth.

“This place is so cute. How did you find it?” Yoshino asked.

“My mom owns the place. She bought it and redesigned it.” Daisy informed.

Yoshino looked surprised by this and they were soon joined by Katrina who walked over and handed the two girls menus.

“Hello, sweetie. I thought you had work today.” Katrina commented.

“We did, but it got interrupted by two guys at work acting like total idiots.” Daisy rolled her eyes.

Katrina shook her head in amusement and smiled over at Yoshino and Lalamon who were staring at the beautiful pinkette in awe.

“Are you two members of DATS?” She asked.

“Uh, yeah. My name’s Yoshino Fujeda and this is my partner Lalamon.” She said.

“Hello, Mrs. Motomiya.” Lalamon chirped.

“Just call me Katrina. It’s nice to meet you both.” She smiled.

“Katrina, can I have a piece of chocolate fudge cake, please?” Veemon asked politely.

“Sure. What about the rest of you?” Katrina asked with the smile still on her face.

It threw Yoshino off since she hadn’t expected Daisy’s mother to look so young, yet still radiate a motherly aura that made her feel calm and at ease.

“Uh, the cake sounds great. I’ll have some too.” Yoshino said.

“Me three!” Lalamon chirped.

“Make it five slices of cake and five cups of strawberry mint tea.” Daisy smiled up at her mother.

“Right. I’ll be back soon with the order.” Katrina bent down and kissed Daisy’s temple.

“Wow. So, you mom knows all about Digimon, huh?” Yoshino brought up.

“Yeah. I couldn’t lie or keep secrets from my family. The second I came home with DemiVeemon, I told Mom and Jun about what happened. They handled it pretty well. Then again, if I came home with a Numemon or Bakemon, I don’t think it would have been the same.” Daisy joked.

Veemon snickered since he knew how messy Numemon were and the Motomiya women had issues with Bakemon and Phantomon after the incident with Myotismon when they were children.

Yoshino smiled as the group started talking, getting to know each other better as they enjoyed their cake and tea.

After they were finished, the group returned to DATS and stared on in disbelief at the sight of Marcus sulking with bandages on his face.

“I can’t believe you guys actually beat each other up!” Yoshino exclaimed.

“I can.” Daisy chirped.

“You know something I really can’t believe. That DATS has their own personal boxing ring.” Veemon brought up as Salamon sat on his head and Lalamon hovered by him with Agumon.

“That guy…” Marcus groaned.

“You should be happy the match was a draw. I’ve seen Thomas routinely beat Olympic champions in that very ring.” Yoshino scolded.

“Whoopity doo. I’ve routinely beat the toughest guy in Nanoato High School.” Marcus muttered.

“You’re such an idiot.” Daisy sighed.

“Marcus, I’m not impressed by your bragging and Thomas isn’t even in the room.” Yoshino said.

“Seriously, just give it up. This is so annoying. I just hope you two don’t pull this stuff when we have to go after a strong Digimon. It’ll end badly for all of us.” Daisy told him.

The doors then opened to reveal Thomas and Gaomon.

As the blond walked into the room, Daisy was able to see that he had a few bandages from the fight as well.

“Oh, boy.” Yoshino sighed.

Just then, Daisy’s D-3 went off, signaling a new Digimon.

A few seconds later, the alarm started blaring as well while red lights flashed.

“This is not a good time for this.” Salamon sighed.

Marcus smirked as he realized he would be able to fight a new Digimon and hoped that it would be a strong one.

“Commander, there are Digimon signs in area B82.” Megumi announced.

“Begging analysis. Transferring to monitor.” Miki said.

Everyone was stunned when they saw the image of a DemiMeramon appear on the monitor.

“Looks like DemiMeramon.” Sampson stated.

“Multiple Digimon signatures! And they’re increasing!” Megumi gasped.

“What?” Daisy exclaimed.

“Rapidly too. Thirty-six, 48, 62. Almost 100.” Miki said.

“A DemiMeramon can regenerate itself over and over again. Multiplying hundreds of times in little over a half an hour. Apparently, the area wasn’t sealed off earlier.” Kudamon reported.

Marcus gasped at the news as he remembered when he and Agumon had fought with the DemiMeramon that the trio of Miracles had defeated.

He remembered seeing pieces of flames mixed with data particles flying off of DemiMeramon when he tried to punch it.

“Something on your mind, Marcus?” Kudamon asked when he noticed the serous expression.

“And now that DemiMeramon has been left on his own to multiple, it will.” Sampson said.

“We need to hurry and stop them before them multiple even more or they start to Digivolve.” Daisy stated.

“You’re right.” Sampson sighed.

“Sir allow us to handle this.” Thomas spoke up.

“We’ll get it done.” Gaomon agreed.

“Pursue and secure.” Kudamon grinned as Sampson nodded.

“Hey! Hold on a second, that’s our case.” Marcus said.

“That’s right.” Agumon snapped.

Daisy groaned loudly in disbelief and felt like slamming her head against a wall in annoyance.

They didn’t have the time to deal with the rivalry between the two idiots.

“Are you 100% sure you can secure the DemiMeramon without screwing it up this time?” Thomas asked.

“You bet. And we’ll do it with style, too.” Marcus declared.

“No, I’ll go.” Thomas said.

“You two can’t handle that many alone. We’ll help.” Marcus insisted.

“We’re fine.” Thomas told him.

When Thomas made to leave the room, he was stopped by Daisy placing a hand on his chest.

Stunned, Thomas looked down and met the dark gaze of the girl.

“Get off your high horse, blondie. You can’t handle that many alone. We’re all going and if you even think about arguing, then you can stay here.” Daisy stated.

“Daisy is right. Yoshino, I want you and Lalamon to go with them. Marcus, you’re staying behind. I want you to watch how they handle the situation.” Sampson ordered.

Daisy, Salamon and Veemon were gone before they could listen to Marcus and Agumon argue, wanting to hurry and stop the DemiMeramon before they destroyed everything or killed someone.

“We’re not all going to fit in the car.” Yoshino commented.

“That’s fine. We’ll handle things from above.” Daisy said as she pulled out her D-3.

As soon as the group got outside, Daisy’s D-3 lit up and Veemon was covered in yellow light, transforming him into a taller and muscular version of himself.

“Veemon Digivolve too…EXVEEMON!”

Lalamon’s eyes grew even wider than they already were and a brght blush covered her face at the sight of the winged dragon.

Salamon found herself unable to look away in awe, amazed by how much her friend had changed.

Climbing onto ExVeemon’s shoulders, Daisy held her arms out towards Salamon who jumped into them.

“We’ll keep an eye out for you guys from above and make sure they don’t fly away on you. Let’s go to work.” Daisy said.

Nodding, Thomas climbed into the car with Yoshino and everyone took off.

They reached the area where the DemiMeramon had gathered and Salamon used her bark to paralyze a few of them which allowed ExVeemon to use his X Laser on them.

Gaomon had Digivolved into Gaogamon, a large sabre-toothed wolf and used a wind based attack on the DemiMeramon and soon enough, all of them were defeated and Yoshino packed the Digi-Eggs into the trunk.

“Well done. Perfect team work like always. And Daisy, you three were awesome, too.” Yoshino smiled.

“Three minutes and ten seconds. We beat our old record by over a minute.” Thomas looked down at Gaomon.

“Sir, yes sir.” Gaomon responded.

“You two did great.” Daisy smiled at her partners.

Salamon was sitting on ExVeemon’s shoulder and both were smiling down at their partner.

Yoshino was a bit stunned at how different the two teams were compared to each other, yet they both had perfect team work skills.

It was a calamity.

“DemiMeramon in area B17.” Megumi called into their headsets.

“Gaomon, let’s go.” Thomas commanded.

“Sir, yes sir.” Gaomon agreed.

Climbing into the car, Yoshino and Thomas took off while Daisy rode on ExVeemon’s back through the sky.

“Thomas, Digimon signs in area B42.” Sampson reported on the headsets.

“What? That’s where they keep the gas tanks.” Thomas exclaimed.

“We’re still at least 10 minutes from where they keep the gas tanks.” Yoshino reported.

“Leave everything to me.” Marcus called over the headsets making everyone stare in surprise.

“What? But Marcus…” Yoshino trailed off in worry.

“Stay away!” Thomas ordered.

“Pipe down!” Marcus told him.

“Would you two knock it off! Marcus, are you close to the gas tanks?” Daisy asked.

“Yeah.” Marcus said.

“Then go handle it. We’ll meet you there. Just be careful.” Daisy said making Thomas glance up at the sky where he saw the girl and her dragon.

“Got it.” Marcus said.

“You’re disobeying orders!” Sampson yelled.

“So, sue me. This time I’ll get that fireball.” Marcus told him.

“Oh no, not again.” Yoshino sighed.

“There’s no chance he can secure the DemiMeramon. There’s too many.” Thomas protested.

“Thomas, they’re at the gas tanks. If someone doesn’t get there soon, they’ll set them on fire and blow us all to kingdom come. We have no choice but to put our trust in Marcus right now.” Daisy told him.

Glaring at this, Thomas realized that Daisy was right, but he wasn’t thrilled about it.

By the time the group arrived at the gas tanks, they were stunned to see that the DemiMeramon had Digivolved into a Meramon and Marcus was punching it under his jaw.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” ExVeemon groaned.

“Any possibility we can just carry him over to the water and drop him in?” Salamon asked.

“Which one? Meramon or Marcus?” ExVeemon quipped.

“Why not both?” Daisy glared.

Meramon cried out in surprise from the attack and fell onto the ground and Marcus revealed his fist which was glowing with data particles.

“You’ve gotta fight fire with fire.” Marcus smirked.

“Go, boss!” Agumon cheered.

“DNA Charge!” Marcus downloaded the data into hid Digivice and pointed it at Agumon.

“Agumon Digivolve too…GEOGREYMON!”

A Greymon stand ready to fight, only this one looked a bit more vicious than a usual Greymon and its limbs appeared longer while it had red training grips and red stripes on his brown mask.

“Marcus made Meramon Digivolve on purpose, so he could activate his DNA.” Thomas concluded.

Jumping down from ExVeemon’s back, Daisy landed in a crouch in front of Yoshino who bent down, thinking her new friend might need help, but she was fine.

“This’ll be one interesting fight.” Daisy commented as she stood up.

ExVeemon hovered nearby with Salamon seated on his shoulder, both of them lying in wait in case GeoGreymon needed help.

“Go for it!” Marcus cheered.

GeoGreymon used his Mega Burst on Meramon and everyone was stunned when the large fire Digimon burst and transformed into three Digi-Eggs.

“All right!” Marcus pumped his fist in victory.

“That seemed a little too easy.” Salamon commented.

“You know what they saw. Never look a gift Unimon in the mouth.” ExVeemon shrugged and flew down to Daisy.

The two reptiles returned to their Rookie forms and Agumon helped Gaomon gathered up the last three Digi-Eggs.

“Thomas weren’t you the one who said I couldn’t take out the DemiMeramon?” Marcus grinned.

“Don’t get cocky. You just got lucky this time. That’s all.” Thomas scowled.

“Ha. Yeah right. You see, it’s like I told you, never surrender a fight.” Marcus said.

(Back at DATS headquarters…)

Groaning, Daisy sat back in her chair and placed a cold clothe on her forehead, trying to ease away the headache that had developed because of the arguing that went on between Thomas and Marcus.

She was seconds away from killing the both of them and it seemed like Sampson might just help her with how enraged he appeared to be.

“Just as I thought. You had no plan and no tactics. You just have raw power.” Thomas crossed his arms and kept his back to Marcus.

“Ha. For a genius, you’re a real sore loser.” Marcus scoffed.

“What did you say?” Thomas glared.

“Oh, just this. I’ll take my raw power over your tactics any day.” Marcus said.

“Just because you completed one mission with sheer luck doesn’t mean-“

“STOP FIGHTING NOW!” Sampson yelled.

Everyone jumped in shock as they all turned to look at the man, Thomas being cut off from arguing his point.

“Thank you!” Daisy groaned in relief at the silence.

“Uh oh. I haven’t seen him this mad in a long time.” Yoshino commented.

“Marcus, Thomas. From now on, you two will be partners.” Sampson stated.

Jaws dropping and expressions being filled with horror filled shock, everyone turned to stare at the man in disbelief.

“But sir, he’s completely undisciplined!” Thomas complained.

“This clown? I’ll never be his partner. He’s way too annoying.” Marcus exclaimed.

“That is an order.” Sampson said sternly.

The two boys then shared a look before scowling away from each other, displeased with the fact that they were now stuck together.

“Aw man. This is the worst.” Yoshino sighed.

To be continued…


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